Async video communication

Using videos for better
business communication

Use to record videos of your screen and webcam and share them with your team or with any external person. Discuss with videos, replace meetings and make prior appointment finding obsolete.

100% Hosted in Europe

Our customers use for...

Explainer videos

Complex things can be explained simply and concisely in self-recorded learning videos.


Play videos back and forth with your customers and carry out your consultations independently of appointments.

Website Leads

Let your customers record requests on your website directly with webcam + screen sharing.

IT support tickets

Let users send issues directly to you via screen recording. Directly from your website, or from your existing support system.

Applications / Recruiting

Give applicants the chance to introduce themselves via video.

Communication across time zones

Record the video, send it and the video answer is there the next morning: Working together can be that easy.

Sales / Distribution

Why not send a personal video to your customer instead of making impersonal email texts or telephone calls.

Dailies / Weeklies without appointments

Check it out when it suits you: makes regular team meetings easy!

Guided shopping

Advise your website visitors about the best products in their shop at any time.

Less communication overhead

Initial consultations carried out via can also be viewed later in the project.

Less video conferencing

Send, watch and reply whenever you want: makes video conferences independent of appointments.

Async visual meetings

Construction plans, designs, presentations: With, visual documents can be discussed at any time.

Holiday handovers

What was said again at the handover? - Better record holiday handovers for your colleagues.

Market research

Conduct surveys of large groups of people at any time and with massive time savings.

Idea development

Work out ideas with several people "on the fly" by repeatedly sending video messages back and forth.

Opinion: Secure evidence

Record evidence in video form and share it with others. Ideal for appraisals.

Employee Onboarding

Surprise new hires with pre-recorded onboarding videos. Training is no longer a time waster!

Training videos

Explain key topics in the form of small learning videos and share them with colleagues.

Coaching videos

Do you often explain the same facts to your customers? - Record once as a video - then send it quite often and save time.

Shorter emails

Long emails are recorded as a video faster than typed. By the way, you show your personality. works that easily

Teams across Europe use to take their communication to the next level.

Screen, webcam and microphone

1. Record

Record engaging videos directly from our website. No software installation necessary.

You are free to choose from all the options that are also available to you in video conferences: your webcam, screen sharing and your microphone. Of course, all combinations are possible - including pure voice messages.

Share via link

2. Share it

Share the link of your video with any person. They can then watch their video immediately.

It doesn't matter whether you are a team colleague or a completely external person: with you can reach everyone.

Feedback please!

3. Discuss / Answer

Other people can comment on your shared videos. Comments can be made chronologically as an answer to your video, or linked to specific points in your video (e.g. question at 0:30 in the video).

Comments and replies can be recorded in video/audio form. Text messaging, emoji reactions, and file sharing are also available. Of course, your viewers can engage fully without needing to sign up or register.