Record and play

Recording, editing and playback: All features are available directly in your browser and do not require any software installation.

Record in your browser

The recorder

Quickly record a new message. Whether text message, voice message or video - with webcam, screenshare or both. Simply start again at any time - and if it's good: click on "Save" and the message is saved without needing to wait for a long upload.

Video, voice and text messages

The player

Our player plays text messages, voice messages, as well as webcam and screen videos. The webcam image can be moved if it covers an area of the screen image. If more than 4 people have viewed the video, the most viewed video scenes will be displayed in the form of a small chart above the timeline.

You need it a little faster? - Of course you can also increase the playback speed up to 2.5x.

Post Processing

Crop / Trim

If you made a mistake in the video or your voice message, you can easily cut off the section afterwards. You may also shorten the beginning or end of the video. If you use the keyboard controls, this is even accurate to tenths of a second.

Post Processing


Add sections ("chapters") to your video. These appear to the right of the video for orientation. The chapter currently being played is highlighted with a small play icon and is also described in the middle of the player bar. Your viewers can jump directly to any chapter with a single click.

Post Processing

Call To Actions

During video playback, you may display links to additional information such as learning materials. Playback stops and the link opens in a new window.

Other features