Artists should be able to work undisturbed. Farewell to fixed voting dates.

With, agencies save appointments with their customers and service providers. Explain your work in a screen video, send it to external people and get targeted feedback and answers.

This is how agencies all over Europe use

Visual tuning work

Easily explain visual things like designs or layouts in a video. Your customer can pause playback at any time and write a comment on the current position in your video, which you can respond to.

Flexible timing

With you communicate asynchronously. That means everyone answers when he/she has time. This brings maximum flexibility, which is essential when working with many external parties (customer, freelancer, ...).

Understand customer needs better

Customers are usually unable to express their wishes exactly. Correction discussions with customers are often tedious. So simply let your customers explain their requirements in a short video, when and where they feel like it.

This is how works

Record video

Create a video using your webcam and microphone. If necessary, also show your screen in the video. You record directly via our website. No software installation is necessary.

Invite people

Give colleagues (directly in or completely external people (via a secret link) access to your video. Access control included: let them only view or give them rights to also comment on your video.

Have a discussion

People can comment directly at points in time in the video. Alternatively, you can also conduct entire video discussions chronologically one after the other in chat form. File exchange and short reactions via emojis are of course also available.

Show personality

How often do you send coordination lists, correction lists, long explanatory texts in everyday agency life? How often are votes taken by phone? Often. E-mails are impersonal and telephone calls require the immediate presence of both communication partners.

With you can optionally show your webcam in the video and are therefore "available" for your customers. On the other hand, you can send the video at any time and your customer can watch and reply at any time.

Innovative for communication professionals

Agency employees in particular are professionals in communication. Stand out from the crowd of agencies by already using modern means of communication in internal communication with your customers.

"... not reached again"!

This phrase is now a thing of the past. Record a video, send it to your customer or service provider and then scratch the task out of your head. Time to focus on more important todos than trying to make contact.