Automation and Integration

Automate sending of messages and optimize your workflows by integrating into your existing software landscape.


Collect And Share

With the powerful "collect and share" feature, you can request recurring recordings from one group of people and then share them with another group of people.

Application examples:

  • A company invites all departments to a short recording of their latest work results on the first Monday of each month. After 48 hours, all videos are collected and distributed to the entire company team on Wednesday morning.
  • A CEO invites his subordinates to record and report every Friday at 8am. At 8:00 a.m., every manager automatically receives a link from the system via e-mail with which a recording can be started. At 3 p.m., the system sends the collected recordings to the managing director by email.


Video creation by guests

Create a folder in your account and enable the Guest Video Creation feature. You will receive a link that you can place on your website, for example, to enable your website guests to contact you via video. Website visitors simply enter their name and a subject and can immediately record a voice message or video with a webcam and/or screenshare. Of course, extensive settings and customizing options are available to adapt this function to your needs.

This function is often used as a convenient alternative to contact forms. This function is also popular in IT support/customer service - those seeking help can show their problem directly on the screen.

Typing long emails?

Outlook extension

The next time you type a long email, save time: With our Outlook extension, you have a very convenient "Record video" button at the top of the message window. Press this button and the recorder will open. Record a voice or video message. The link to the video will be automatically inserted into your email.


Trello powerup

Simply equip your Trello cards with short videos that you record directly on the screen. Whether webcam video, screenshare or both: After recording, the video is integrated directly into your Trello card and can be viewed by anyone.


Microsoft Teams

Do you use MS Teams in your company? - Excellent. Then install our teams extension directly. You can record small screen videos directly in the chat, or create your own video collection in Microsoft Teams, from which you can easily send prepared videos later.

For developers


Would you like to add recording of voice or video messages to your software? And you want to focus on core features and not bother with converting, hosting, and editing videos in many different formats?

Then integrate easily and conveniently into your application. This can even be completely transparent for your users.

Other features