Sales teams across Europe are scaling their business with

Asynchronous video communication bridges the gap between time-consuming but personal on-site appointments and quick but impersonal emails. Combine the best of two worlds with

Successful sales teams use for this

Personal customer care

Videos are more personal than text emails. Keep in touch with your customers despite remote work with

More precise assessment of needs

Let your customers respond themselves with a webcam video or a video of their screen. This way he can explain his needs to you in the best possible way.

Better team agreements

Dailys, weeklys, standup meetings? Everyone knows the secret time wasters. With, every team member can view and send information at a time that suits them.

This is how works

Record video

Create a video using your webcam and microphone. If necessary, also show your screen in the video. You record directly via our website. No software installation is necessary.

Invite people

Give colleagues (directly in or completely external people (via a secret link) access to your video. Access control included: let them only view or give them rights to also comment on your video.

Have a discussion

People can comment directly at points in time in the video. Alternatively, you can also conduct entire video discussions chronologically one after the other in chat form. File exchange and short reactions via emojis are of course also available.

Take your customer care to the next level

Personal from the start

Direct customer advice is the key to success for good business. This can now be done without scheduling from anywhere on earth.

Stand out innovatively

By using you show your customers how innovative, digital and customer-oriented you work. This gives you a distinct advantage over competitors and their sales teams.

No more "... not reached again"!

Every sales specialist knows the days when you still haven't reached the customer. With you simply send him a video in the future, which he answers as soon as he has time. In the meantime, you can focus on other tasks instead of calling over and over again.

The best sales teams know that training is the key to success

Onboarding new employees

New employees must be familiarized with the existing products, objection handling and selling points. Instead of holding meetings with the same explanations over and over again, in the future you will create explanation videos with the help of and distribute them to new team members if necessary.

Cross-departmental updates

Are your products innovative? Then these will change over time. New products and updates to existing products can now be explained by other company departments to your sales team in a short and concise video on

Celebrate Graduations!

Why only ever communicate highly serious topics when working remotely? Suggestion: Create a happy video in which you congratulate your colleagues on the successful sale. Distribute it to the entire department so other people can jump in too. Team morale will thank you.