Record your screen and webcam,
share and discuss with other people.

With you record videos from your screen, your webcam and your microphone and easily share these videos with other people. Collect comments directly on specific points in your video or conduct entire video chats.

All this is 100% data protection compliant and available without software installation, directly on our website. can be used for

Screen recordings

With you can record videos from your screen or webcam. If you record both at the same time, your webcam will appear as a small picture-in-picture over the screen recording.

Create training videos

Explain complicated facts quickly and easily as a video. Don't keep explaining the same thing over and over again, make a video instead. Allow your viewers to ask questions directly in the right places in the video. As video or text.

Replace video conferencing

You can also have entire discussions with create an opening video and then invite other participants. One after the other, you create videos when it suits you best. This saves you the hassle of coordinating appointments.

This is how works

Record video

Create a video using your webcam and microphone. If necessary, also show your screen in the video. You record directly via our website. No software installation is necessary.

Invite people

Give colleagues (directly in or completely external people (via a secret link) access to your video. Access control included: let them only view or give them rights to also comment on your video.

Have a discussion

People can comment directly at points in time in the video. Alternatively, you can also conduct entire video discussions chronologically one after the other in chat form. File exchange and short reactions via emojis are of course also available.

Why you are right with

From Germany, for Europe

100% data protection compliant

Our company is 100% based in Germany and has specialized in the GDPR-compliant operation of SaaS platforms for many years. Of course, our servers are also 100% located in Europe. We do not integrate external services, e.g. for tracking or analytics. We guarantee that your data will remain protected within the EU.

Across time zones

Communicating asynchronously also means that time zones no longer play a role. So from now on you can also look after international customers with your existing team.

Stand out innovatively

By using you show your customers how innovative, digital and customer-oriented you work. This gives you a decisive advantage over competitors.

Onboarding new employees

New employees must be familiarized with the work processes and systems. Instead of holding meetings with the same explanations over and over again, in the future you will create explanation videos with the help of and distribute them to new team members if necessary.

Communicate across departments

In large companies, departmental wars can break out. To prevent this and to develop understanding for each other, clean communication is required, which must be personal.

With you send information directly and without detours in a short and concise video to colleagues in other departments.