More quickly. Easier. personal. This is customer support with

Instead of lengthy, complex texts, you can use to explain problem solutions in unmistakable videos. Let your customers also ask questions in video form - be it by sharing the screen for questions in virtual space, or by using the cell phone camera directly on site in reality.

Successful support teams use for this

Help, directly on site

Let your customers explain their problem directly on site using a mobile phone camera, for example on a machine in production.

Help with software questions

Send your customer detailed video instructions of using your software by showing your screen in the recording. Your customer can also ask questions through videos with screen sharing.

Time flexibility for specialists

Since all communication at happens asynchronously, your customer can reply when it suits him (eg exactly when an error occurs). Your experts can also provide answers to difficult cases when time permits.

This is how works

Record video

Create a video using your webcam and microphone. If necessary, also show your screen in the video. You record directly via our website. No software installation is necessary.

Invite people

Give colleagues (directly in or completely external people (via a secret link) access to your video. Access control included: let them only view or give them rights to also comment on your video.

Have a discussion

People can comment directly at points in time in the video. Alternatively, you can also conduct entire video discussions chronologically one after the other in chat form. File exchange and short reactions via emojis are of course also available.

Take your customer care to the next level

As a complete solution or as a supplement

Far too often, customer support is skipped over the phone or via email. It is precisely the complex inquiries that are difficult to manage with these communication channels.

Use as a complete support solution or as a supplement to your existing systems to explain all the necessary facts to your customers in personal short videos.

Across time zones

Communicating asynchronously also means that time zones no longer play a role. So from now on you can also look after international customers with your existing team.

Stand out innovatively

By using you show your customers how innovative, digital and customer-oriented you work. This gives you a decisive advantage over competitors.

Training is the key to success

Onboarding new employees

New employees must be made familiar with the existing products. Instead of holding meetings with the same explanations over and over again, in the future you will create explanation videos with the help of and distribute them to new team members if necessary.

Cross-departmental updates

Are your products innovative? Then these will change over time. New products and updates to existing products can now be explained by other company departments to your support team in a short and concise video on