Time-wasting meetings? Ringing phone? Get focus time.

Members of modern teams should always be available. Weekly meetings and standup dialysis characterize the appointment calendar. sags.digital puts an end to this: Communicate when you want. Asynchronous. Without fixed appointments.

Modern teams use sags.digital for this

Better time management

With sags.digital you can discuss any work topic like in an online conference. However, without having to find a fixed date with all participants.

Communicate more efficiently

Distributing news and updates to all important people can take a lot of time. Modern team members know that if I explain something more than once, I'll make a video of it and send it out.

Sustainable knowledge transfer

A good team thrives on the different skills of its members. With sags.digital, modern teams have found a simple way to document and convey knowledge in a sustainable manner.

This is how sags.digital works

Record video

Create a video using your webcam and microphone. If necessary, also show your screen in the video. You record directly via our website. No software installation is necessary.

Invite people

Give colleagues (directly in sags.digital) or completely external people (via a secret link) access to your video. Access control included: let them only view or give them rights to also comment on your video.

Have a discussion

People can comment directly at points in time in the video. Alternatively, you can also conduct entire video discussions chronologically one after the other in chat form. File exchange and short reactions via emojis are of course also available.

Say what needs to be said. Then when it makes sense.

Everyone is loud. And right away.

Oftentimes, the best posts come from the silent people. Those who personally find it difficult to get involved between loudly arguing colleagues. Too often the people who prefer to think through their contributions again in their heads don't get a chance to speak.

With sags.digital, "volume" is just a technical slider, not a question of personality. - Your team members, on the other hand, can discuss on an equal footing.

International? time zones disappear.

Communicating asynchronously also means that time zones no longer play a role. Discuss all important things continuously with your international team members, partners and suppliers.

Teams using sags.digital do not have any time zone problems.

Cooperation thrives on feedback

Many things are explained much more quickly and precisely in a video than is the case over the phone or e-mail. Be it because you can record your screen and explain something at the same time, or because the recipient can simply record your current mood and body language via your webcam image.

So speed up your teamwork with better feedback and fewer misunderstandings.

Induction and further training - nothing easier than that.

Onboarding new employees

New employees must be familiarized with the work processes and systems. Instead of holding meetings with the same explanations over and over again, in the future you will create explanation videos with the help of sags.digital and distribute them to new team members if necessary.

Communicate across departments

In large companies, departmental wars can break out. To prevent this and to develop understanding for each other, clean communication is required, which must be personal.

With sags.digital you send information directly and without detours in a short and concise video to colleagues in other departments.